3 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website from Instagram

Buy Instagram Followers
Buy Instagram Followers

3 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website from Instagram

With more than 200 million users and 40 times the user engagement of Twitter, Instagram has a lot to offer your business. Because Instagram users are so engaged, they are far more likely to follow links back to your website. If you aren’t taking advantage of that simply Buy Instagram Followers. you are missing out on a goldmine of opportunity. Here are three ways you can leverage Instagram to drive traffic back to your site!

1. Optimize Your Profile and Add a Website Link to Your Bio.

First things first. Is your profile optimized? Doing so will increase your discover-ability and make a great impression on users who visit you on Instagram. When you sign up, think carefully about the username and name that you choose. Instagram considers both when calling up search results. Be sure your profile is set to Public. If it is set to Private, it won’t come up on searches.

Instagram does not look at your description, but you should still choose relevant keywords and come up with some compelling content for this box. You are counting on your description and your profile photo to snag attention and hold it. You don’t want users clicking out of your profile before they have a chance to see the most important part—your bio.

The reason your bio is so important is because your bio is the only spot Instagram allows you to place a hyperlink.

Where should your link lead? That depends on your goal. It could be your homepage, or it could be a page for a product you are pushing. It might be a landing page specific to a certain promotion. Whatever you decide on, use a custom link from bit.ly or a similar service so that you can easily track click-throughs. Be sure to optimize your landing page as well, and make sure the design is similar to what you use on Instagram. This preserves a sense of continuity and instills trust in your site visitors.

2. Use Calls to Action.

A link to your website isn’t going to do you a whole lot of good just sitting in your bio. You will get some hits from users who find you through search, but most are not just going to stumble through your door.

For that reason, you need to take an active role in directing traffic toward your link. You can do this by using calls to action in your posts.

For example, you could consider running a contest where users need to sign up for your email newsletter in order to enter. Post an image to your Instagram feed which announces the contest in a compelling way. While you cannot embed a link directly in the post, you can tell your followers to visit your bio and click the link to your website to enter. The landing page can be a sign-up sheet.

Techniques like this are awesome because they not only drive traffic to your site, but also help you to harness the power of email marketing. Now you will be able to not only reach users through Instagram, but through your growing mailing list as well.

3. Purchase advertising on Instagram.

What I said before about your bio being the only place on Instagram where you can post a clickable link to your website wasn’t entirely true. It is the only place where you can do it for free, but as of May 2017, Instagram made the groundbreaking decision to allow clickable paid advertising, Plus you have any opportunity to Buy Instagram Followers on SlickSocials

Instagram offers three different types of paid ads:

• Image ads: This is an ad which includes a single image and a short description. This is the most basic type of ad you can buy on Instagram.
• Video ads: With this type of ad, you can shoot up to 30 seconds of video footage and present it in either landscape or portrait. Once again you are given space for a short description.
• Carousel ads: This is a unique type of ad which allows you to tell a story through up to four different images. Users are able to swipe from one image to the next and few them sequentially. As with the other types of ads, you get space for a brief description.

This really is an excellent opportunity which Instagram has made available.

It is smart to use shortened links which you can track for your paid ads as well. That way you can figure out which ads are performing and which ones are not.

When you first join Instagram, you may feel like you are at a bit of a loss. Many businesses do not even know that there is a way they can post a clickable link on the site. But as you can see, you can use Instagram to send traffic directly to your website. Post the link in your bio, use calls to action to direct users, and consider investing in paid Instagram ads. Track your campaigns carefully and make adjustments as needed. Do this long enough and diligently enough and you should see great results!

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