Top Instagram Apps for Selling Online

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Top Instagram Apps for Selling Online


Here is the Top Instagram apps for Selling Online, if you’ve been using Instagram to promote your products and sell them online, you know just what the power of visual media can do to instill brand awareness and boost conversions.

In its basic form, Instagram is pretty limited.  The official iOS app isn’t bad, but it only gives you so many features.  Thankfully there is a growing community of third-party app developers who are taking Instagram to the next level.

Following are some of the top apps which you can download to get more out of Instagram.  With these apps, you can improve the quality of your images, market your products more effectively, and even sell directly through the site.


One of the drawbacks of Instagram is the fact that you cannot add clickable links in your posts—you can only put them in your bio.  Naturally if you are trying to sell products online, this makes it challenging to drive traffic through to your sales pages.

With though, it is a breeze.  This app allows you to insert a link on your product photo which will take them straight to a shoppable page.  The page design looks just like the design of your Instagram feed, which makes the transition feel seamless.  The result is that users feel comfortable and secure making a purchase.  They don’t have to run around hunting for a store link in your bio.  They can make a purchase quickly and easily without any hassles.  This is perfect for snapping up impulse buys!


This is another app you can use to sell your products through Instagram.  But instead of clicking a link on the photo, buyers simply leave a comment on the photo of the product they wish to purchase.  They do need to register with Soldsie in order to use it.  After registering, the items they comment on will automatically be added to their Soldside shopping cart.   They then can check out whenever they wish.


Pixlr offers a couple of powerful web apps for editing your Instagram photos.  The Pixlr Editor allows you to perform sophisticated object transformations, replace colors, and more.  You can even work in layers.  If you are looking for something more basic, you can try Pixlr Express.  This is just the right tool for quick touch-ups and borders.

One reason that a lot of people struggle to sell their physical products online is because they do not do a very good job taking and editing their photos.  Pixlr can help you to compensate for poor lighting conditions and to really polish your photos so they look presentable.


Amazingly enough, there is still not easy way to repost from within Instagram.  If you want to make it as simple as possible, Repost is a handy alternative.  With this app, you find an image or a video that you want to repost, and then you place the watermark wherever you want.  You are sent to your profile on Instagram, where you can fill out whatever details you want to add.  Once you submit it, it will show up on your Instagram feed with the proper attribution to the original creator. You can use this to share images of items you have posted for sale off-site, or you can use it to share images of items posted by others you may wish to promote.


Looking for a fun way to showcase your range of products?  Flipagram is a sharing app which allows you to take the photos or videos on your Instagram account and turn them into a music video.  You can splice the images and clips together in any order you want, add filters and text if you wish, and then set up the music.  You even can add voice narration!  This is a great way to show off your products and tell the world more about them.


  • Simply Measured

Figuring out the best promotional techniques on Instagram will involve a lot of trial and error, but how will you know what is working and what isn’t?  If you are looking for in-depth analytic feedback, Simply Measured is a great tool.  It is available for users on Instagram with up to 25,000 followers, and will help you figure out which photos are converting and which ones aren’t.

The more feedback you have, the more you can fine tune your campaign.  You might notice for example that product photos shot with a particular background are more effective.  Using this analytic feedback, you can give your overall campaign a boost by taking all your photos that way in the future.  This will help you increase your conversions!


Tired of getting online to manually post on Instagram every time you want to update your feed?  Postso is a great way to save time and hassle.  You can schedule posts with pictures, videos, and links days or weeks in advance.  You can even manage multiple social media accounts in one place (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).  Geo-targeting is also included, so you can reach the most relevant audiences with your posts.


This is yet another photo editing app which you can use to make your Instagram shots shine.  Like Pixlr, it includes a range of filters that make it a cinch to transform the most basic snapshots into masterpieces.  You do not need to be an experienced photo editor to get excellent results.

That isn’t all there is to see, however; it is also a sharing network very much like Instagram.  Basically, imagine what Instagram would be like if it were curated by and for artists.  So when you edit and post your photos using VSCO Cam, you increase discoverability.  Plus, you can use the #VSCO hashtag on Instagram to draw even more attention your way!


  • Offerpop

If you are looking for an all-in one tool to help you manage Instagram along with your other social media campaigns, Offerpop is a pretty great package.  It is entirely web-based and fully scalable to your needs.  Features include a campaign builder, landing page generation, a range of apps for social marketing, and analytic feedback reports.

Offerpop has some specific products which are highly applicable to an Instagram campaign.  One great example is their Photo Contest app.  Using this app, you can quickly and easily set up a campaign on your website where you ask users to submit photos through Instagram and other social media sites.  You can then allow users to vote on a winner.  Contests like these can generate hundreds of submissions and thousands of shares—plus plenty of exposure and revenue.  There are all kinds of ways you can easily customize these competitions for your products and services.  What a great way to get users to engage!


Conclusion: Apps Extend the Power of Instagram


If you are not yet using these apps in conjunction with your Instagram campaign, you really have only just tapped the surface of all Instagram has to offer.  Edit your photos with apps like Pixlr and VSCO, run and analyze campaigns through Offerpop, Postso and Simply Measured, and sell directly through Instagram using Soldsie and  Using these tools, you can watch as your conversions soar through the roof!

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