Hashtags 101: How to use Hashtags more effectively


Instagram Hashtags #101

Hashtags drive traffic in all of social media networks. As a term, it was popularized during the twitter era. The symbol ‘#’ means more than what meets the eye. It helps social networks to group content and cater it to the right audience. Hashtags makes it easy for people to find content that interests them. Instagram, the photo sharing network witnessed astronomical figures in traffic and engagement. In arguably, this is the most active network, barring a couple other platforms. Why you shouldn’t be against purchasing Instagram followers?


Reach audience with hashtags

Instagram registered huge following for top brands worldwide. It opened them up to an active demographic. Instagram users are known for taking action. The conversion rates skyrockets in this platform. When you got products to sell, reaching Instagram audience is important. The best way to do that is employing hashtags. Hashtags are instrumental in drawing in audience for your


content. Flaunting an article of clothing to large audience is worthwhile than playing symphony to empty halls.

Every hashtag is different and serves a specific purpose. The large pool of hashtags can be categorized in three groups – Generic hashtags, Specific hashtags and Trending hashtags.



#Generic hashtag

All that a generic hashtag requires is to stay relevant to your post. If a popular pet store is posting cute pictures of kittens, their generic hashtags are #cute, #kitten, #cats and so on. Most of them won’t even be a two word hashtag. The idea is to reach out to new followers. This fresh user base will stumble upon you post during casual browsing.


#Specific hashtag

Specific hashtag is something you create out of the blue. You start brand new campaign with these hashtags. You are asking for participation from your fans. A hashtag like #YourBrandEvent2018 will encourage fans to post images from the event. It also makes easy for people to group your posts and share them. You own this hashtag in and out. Any engagement from this hashtag will benefit you directly.


#Trending hashtag

Trending hashtag is something we come across every passing minute. They may or may not be relevant to your brand. It is an amazing source to earn new followers, considering the amount of traffic that pours in. If you chose to ride on a trending hashtag, make sure the underlying meaning gets along with your brand. Trending hashtags may have multiple meanings and uses.

The extras…


#Niche hashtag

There is always a set of hashtags belonging to any particular niche. They carry some of the attributes that relates to the niche. If you are an accessories store, #jewelry can be your niche hashtag. These hashtags draw attention of users, who will buy your products. Using a set of relevant niche hashtags on your posts generates sales.


#Insta hashtags

Insta hashtags is one way to pay tribute to the community. Simply put, they have the word ‘insta’ in them. The classic examples are #instagood, #instacool, #instafashion, #instastyle. #insta is also a commonly used hashtag. Alternatively you also have hashtags such as #travelgram, #photogram, using the gram from ‘Instagram’.



#Brand hashtags

Using specific hashtag helps create a minor trend. You just want to add to the hype on your events. Brand hashtags works more effectively on the long run. #Apple is a classic example of brand hashtag. It refers to the tech giant, not the fruit. You can combine your brand name and your product to create brand hashtags. The common format is #BrandProduct.


Finding your hashtags…

Follow top brands with top notch Instagram presence in your niche. Spot the hashtags they use, which are relevant to your future launches. Not just the accounts, similarities in photo style, theme and audience should be considered.

Instagram makes its share of suggestions via ‘Related’ hashtags. If they are relevant to future posts, make note of them. On mobile screens you see 3-5 hashtags in related section. Select most popular as well as less popular hashtags to combat competition. Instagram Tips 2018

Using hashtags effectively…

The trick is to use more than one hashtag per post. You are allowed up to 30 hashtags per post. Nevertheless, it is not a good practice to rack up too many irrelevant hashtags.

In your list of hashtags for the post, use as many two word hashtags as possible. They are clearer about what they mean. Two words hashtag has a ring to it. Mix most popular and less popular hashtags.

Benefits of using hashtags
  • Gain more followers: Using relevant hashtag is one way to gain followers. When people stumble upon your post via hashtags, they are likely to follow your account. Make sure your account carry social proof by purchasing followers beforehand.
  • Make more sales: From your eCommerce business account, you stand a chance to make more sales by using the right hashtags. Niche specific hashtags draw attention of people who are likely to make purchase.
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