Instagram Tips 2018

Instagram Tips 2018
Secret Instagram Tips of 2018

Instagram tips 2018

Instagram is a free country. You can share and do what you like. Except for the followers and engagement driven gravitas, every Instagram account got equal potential. It’s the potential to up the ante for your marketing campaign. Your brand marketing can be fast-tracked, similar to featuring an amateur in franchise sport. Instagram helps people spot your brand along with products and services that comes with it. It helps share your story with the public in more presentable way. To use a powerful marketing tool like Instagram in the most efficient way possible, you are required to know these secret tips.

Self-destructive photos and clips

It was in 2016, Instagram added this feature, which should have made Snapchat proud. Even now, most part of the Instagram community doesn’t know this feature exists. You can send images/videos that disappear once your recipient viewed them.

Launch your camera via Instagram. Capture a picture or video. Tap the arrow icon at bottom left of your screen. It will move you to choosing which friends will receive this temporary image or clip.

You can send these temporary posts to your followers and friends who chose to receive private messages from you. It helps maintain a loyalty program or premium membership program.

Avoiding comment attack on specified posts

First rule in Instagram is ‘love thy followers and ignore thy trolls’. Instagram lets you ignore these trolls in best possible ways. They extend till allowing you to make your pictures comment proof (and thus troll proof). Yep, you can turn off comments for posts you choose.

Choose the post for which you need to turn the comments off. Tap on the three dots displayed above the post. Choose ‘Turn off commenting’ for the photo or video. If the post received comments previously, they won’t be displayed in future.

Multiple photos/videos in single post

In some cases, you cannot show the range of your excitement in just one picture. Making multiple picture posts drags it too much for the audience. Fortunate are we, Instagram now allows posting multiple photos and videos in one post.

You can publish up to 10 photos/videos in single post. To do that, you need to tap ‘Select Multiple’ when running through your phone gallery in Instagram. The button should be displayed at the bottom of selected photo/video.

Bookmark for later

Instagram is not just a platform for marketers to put their content for display. It also serves as repository of media content. If you happen to be a curator of web content, saving photos for later viewing will come handy.

Instagram allows you to do that when you press bookmark icon below the photo. Once bookmarked, the post will appear as a tab in your profile. Only you will have access to your bookmarks. Your competitors cannot spy too much.

Altering details in published post

A lot of times marketers post a picture before adding the hashtag or tagging a friend. In some cases, you may require to add/modify hashtags or tag friends to already published posts. Instagram Hashtag 101

All you need to do is press the button above your posts that appears like three dots in a row. From there, you can find “Edit” option. Tada!!! You can alter the caption, tag new friends and insert geo location.Why you shouldn’t be against purchasing Instagram followers?

This tip comes handy if you underrated the value of a post during publishing it. Some posts or content are more than just another flash in the pan. Some posts help set a trend for you.

Know you Instagram-niche

Your niche tells your story in internet marketing. It will not be the same in SEO and SMM. Your Instagram niche will be different from your niche for Google. Knowing your Instagram niche helps sharpen your marketing repertoire in the largest photo sharing community.

Observing your competitors should give you an idea about your niche. You can assess the competition in relevant metrics with help of third party, Instagram tools. Knowing your niche helps come up with the right hashtags, that helps streamline your marketing.

How hashtags work

There cannot be more emphasis on popularity unlocking quotient of hashtags. The secret tip of hashtags is to know how to use them correctly. A general hashtag belong to the broad category that stays relevant to the pictures you post. Hashtags such as #beauty #cats #morning are evergreen general hashtags.

Specific hashtags are employed to allow the audience to group and share your posts. Specific hashtag brings together the targeted group of users, to whom your brand makes sense. A classic example of specific hashtag is #Yourbrandevent2018.

Trending hashtags brings you truckload of brand new followers, cause of amount of traffic during that period of time. Brands should be crystal clear about what such a hashtag means and be sure if the opinion aligns with their image, before using them.Buying Instagram followers and its benefits for your business

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