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Plantar Fasciitis and How to Treat it!



Plantar fasciitis is a medical condition that affects the heel where it causes severe pain and anguish. Up to this day, it remains one of the major causes of heel pain in people of all ages. Generally, it is because of the inflammation of the thick collection of tissues that are connected to the heel bone and pass across the bottom of the feet. This thick band of muscle is commonly referred to as the plantar fascia and is the basis for the name of the medical condition. Once the plantar fascia have become inflamed, pain and anguish results. Most people feel a stabbing pain in the feet following a series of steps in the morning. The pain usually decreases (and may even vanish) as the day progresses, but often returns after a long period of time characterised by standing or sitting.


⦁ Stabbing pain at the bottom of the feet, especially near the heel

⦁ Pain often severe in the morning after the first steps

⦁ Stabbing pain may decrease as the day progresses

⦁ Stabbing pain may also be triggered by long periods of walking and standing


The plantar fascia is designed to absorb the shock and impact that is generated in the arch of the foot. This is what keeps the feet intact even a long period of walking, standing or running. But, the plantar fascia is unable to perform this function effectively when it is inflamed. This is what leads to the onset of the condition.

Risk factors

⦁ Age

⦁ Some strenuous physical exercises

⦁ Obesity

⦁ Occupations that keep you standing for a long time


If you happen to experience the earliest symptoms of the condition but you choose to ignore it, you may end up with more serious complications. The most notable complication that is associated with the condition is severe stabbing pain which almost never goes away.

Treatment for patients of plantar fasciitis

But, not all hope is lost for patients. There is a reliable treatment solution for all patients suffering from this condition. The Go Massages foot massager roller is an amazing massager that has been designed for purposes of reducing discomfort in patients of foot medical conditions ranging from sore feet, heel spurs to plantar fasciitis. This is an amazing product which has proven to be reliable in as far as the treatment of plantar fasciitis and related medical conditions is concerned. The product is available on amazon.

General features

⦁ Foot massager with ball and roller

⦁ Spiky ball which soothes the feet, neck and back

⦁ Portable, quite light and designed to be used from anywhere

⦁ Designed for a broad range of pressures


Completely portable; this device can be used from any location. You can enjoy using the device from the comfort of your living room or even in outdoor surroundings depending on your personal preferences. You can also use it from the comfort of your bedroom or even office.

Comes with multiple benefits; the device does not just work for the relief of pain and discomfort in plantar fasciitis patients. Rather, it extends its functionality to other related medical conditions such as sore foot and foot arch pain. It may also be used by individuals who simply walk a lot and want to reduce the internal stress induced into the feet following long hours of walking. Further, it can also be used for inducing relaxation and calmness in stressed patients. Therefore, it can be used as a stress relief tool.

Accompanied by spiky ball; it comes with the spiky ball which provides additional stress and pain relief especially in the limbs. This is the right tool to use if you are in search of personal comfort and relaxation coupled with optimum results in stress and pain relief.

Skin deep massager; this is the massager that you need if you want to relieve your body of the internal pain and stress from within the tissues. It goes beyond the skin and muscles and all the way down to the tissues for optimum stress and pain relief results.

Easy to use; it is quite easy to use. You do not need special training to be able to use the device.

It can absorb a wide range of pressures; the device can take a broad range of external shock and impact. Apply as much or as little pressure depending on your personal preferences and need. It is also very durable on this basis.

Price range and availability 

The product is available on Amazon and other leading Stores around the world. Therefore, you can easily lay your hands on it.  The product’s price is around $40, although it can be bought at $25 especially when mind blowing sales are in place.

The Go massager is an amazing product which is perfect for the treatment of plantar fasciitis and related medical conditions.

Amazon Product Listing: https://www.amazon.com/Foot-Massager-Roller-plantar-fasciitis/dp/B06W58W6CD


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