Yes you heard it right, INSTAGRAM is the new black as in it is the latest addition to the riveting and enthralling world of social media and has been gradually gaining immense popularity and swift momentum.

Instagram is a web based online photo sharing application primarily accessed through phone or computers which allows you to share n no. of photographs and videos in a jiffy.


  • Apart from adding photos and videos, one can also edit their content with a variety of editing options and filters available at bay.
  • Users can also add locations through geotags followed by hashtags on their pictures linking the photos and displaying the same subject or overall topic.
  • This is not it, users can also link their accounts with various other social networking sites.
  • Using the explore tab one can have a sweet glance at all the trending and popular photos and pictures to keep one entertained.
  • With live video feature better known as an augmented reality, a user can interact with practically almost anyone sitting in any corner of the world.
  • Another feature includes the direct message option wherein somebody can simply message any user in no time.
  • The latest development is the adding of stories of what one does throughout the day which can be seen for a period of 24 hours.


Instagram was created by Kevin systrom and Mike Krieger and launched in the year 2010 in the month of October as a free mobile app initially for the iOS operating system but a technology as cool as this how could have it stayed away from android and for how long. Therefore in the year 2012 it was developed and launched as an application for android followed by windows 10 and windows 10 mobile. The beginning it received from the public was overwhelmingly beautiful and unprecedented with one million registered users in two months, 10 million in a year and subsequently a whooping 700 million as of April 2017. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in the year 2012 for a staggering 1 billion US dollars in cash and stock.


  • The first photo on instagram was posted by the founder Kevin Systrom on 16 july 2010. The picture was of a dog and systrom’s girlfriend’s foot in Mexico.
  • In the year 2016 Instagram stories were introduced which allows users to put their working module of the day for a period of 24hours.
  • Instagram also enchanced the time frame of video uploading capacity from 15sec to 1 minute to now 10 minutes with multiple posting capacity on the same slide.


The popularity of Instagram has gotten so immense now that it has led to third party services wherein one can upload their pictures and use it for business purposes in terms of photos shoots for self and other social events. Apparently everyone around use use Instagram and it has somehow taken out the creative side from within us to capture a photo at the right place and the right time to make ones profile look serene and surreal.

On 9th August 2012 English Musician Ellie Goulding released a video for her song “Anything Could Happen” and over 1200 photographs were submitted to represent the lyrics by a fan.

In the year 2013 Instagram was listed among Times’s  “50 best Android applications for  2013”.

Apart from that Instagram itself has 20 million users in Iran alone.

People with their innovative minds have also created numerous trends for other people to explore , the likes of wich include

  • #MancrushMonday
  • #Motivationalmonday
  • #Transformationaltuesday
  • #Womancrushwednesday
  • #throwbackthursday
  • #Flashbackfriday
  • #selfiesunday


Instagram has won so many awards till date, few of them include

  • Runner’s up for the best mobile app at the 2010 techcruch crunchies
  • Kevin systrom was listed at no. 66 in “the 100 most creative people in business” in 2011 by the Fast Company.
  • Winner “Best locally made App” in the SF weekly web awards in September 2011.
  • Apple Inc. named Instagram the “App of the year”
  • Instagram has also been rated as 100 best iphone apps of all time.

Therefore this super creative app has given every other app a run for their money and the situation currently has it that most of the people live their lives from the viewpoint of this app as it brings out the creative side of them and one wants to explore more and more. People who love travelling has made Instagram their muse because they upload photo of every day minute and second of their travelling time on instagram making the non travelers envious to the core(pun intended). Be it Music concerts, travelling the globe the surreal scenic mountains, snow capped glaciers or the salty and calm beaches, you name it and Instagram has it all. We hope that this app never goes down for whatever reason because it is not just an app it’s a way of life!

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